When Lover Reborn opens, Tohr’s grief is by no means over, not by a long shot. . J. R. Ward has started a trend of revisiting one of the previous couples in the. Lover Reborn by J. R. Ward He hasn’t fed from another woman in quite some time and his frame is becoming gaunt and weak. With each swipe. “Life was short, no matter how many days you were granted. And people were precious, each and every one, no matter how many you were.

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Lover Reborn

It was great seeing Marissa again. Lovfr was so beside myself after reading it. View all 10 comments. Her actions in the book spoke volumes.

Lover Reborn – J.R. Ward

We stop everything we’re doing for lver book. I for one feel that Ms. I had reached the point where I just wanted their book so it would end already He truly deserves an HEA of his own. He mated Xhex, loving everything about her but then turns on her when it is time to let her be her.

He deserves only the very best, and maybe at this point some people believe Qhuinn doesn’t match that description big surprise herebut Blay wants him and I want J.r.wadr to be happy, so I’m still pinning hard for Qhuay to happen. While Tohr suffered and I felt bad for him I felt worst for Autumn. I can’t say he met them, but his story line is certainly promising.


Hung like a horse. Somehow through all this Ward also manages to give us time with each and every member of the Brotherhood lovfr. I don’t want to feel like my intelligence is insulted while I’m reading a book.

Let’s Talk Lover Reborn by JR Ward

Can we please be done with the delay already? I’m not happy about it, either. I just thought the whole plot was beautifully conceived and written.

b I need some Murhder! I did ny the relationship to be a little forced and strange though. I love Blay but I have always been a little mad at Qhuinn for being a coward and not being with Blay. Welllll…no resolution with Qhuay — but Blay does blurt out something to Saxton regardin Qhuinn.

Yup, you basically summed up everything I thought about jr.ward. With good reason, she got angry with him when he treated her rather rudely, but instead of letting it fester, she realized that it was a product of the intense sadness that had made him a different person than the reborm who had taken such good care of her all those centuries ago. Xhex and John Matthew I was kind of frustrated with the issues in their relationship. One of my favorite relationships is that of Tohr and Lassiter.

There are some really emotional — and erotic seriously, they get twice as many sex scenes as the main couple — scenes with John and Xhex in this. I really appreciated this glimpse into their relationship and am thrilled for the way things worked out for them. No she isn’t naive and she isn’t strong.


I wonder if he’s part Sympath and that’s how he and Xhex knew each other?! Well Xcor and Layla might be hooking up.

As much as I was anticipating this book it was also with a heavy dose of apprehension; was I ready to see Tohrment find love again? I loved that she didn’t try to hide behind her mistakes, that she came out, faced them, admitted to them, and did everything she could to make things right. Will he ever truly let go over Wellsie and rebprn son? He too falls in love in this book. His true love for most of the book is his scythe, who he uses with lethal force against anyone that gets in his way.

Now, when’s the next one due out? I guess I will just have to see how their relationship plays out in future As time goes on, they start to have a relationship, mostly because Tohr thinks he has to do it to let Wellsie go. And holy fuck, that was a big ass surprise for me. In which case I have to say to that I hope they’re hot and steamy scenes I still say that will jr.ward, but I think it’s going to take a while.

She grew up very m.r.ward. I loved Tohr and Wellsie!