13 Mar Smart way to manage your Co-Operative Housing Society. Web based Apartment Home; Blog. Bye Laws for Housing Society in Maharashtra. 17 Jan Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Society Bye Laws offer a clear set of guidelines for management of cooperative housing societies in the. State Laws. List of Housing Society Laws, Bye-Laws. Maharashtra. The Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act, · The Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies.

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For instance, under the new model byelaw number 61, the managing committee needs to inform the member in writing within seven days of the date of the decision of committee about cessation of a membership. Under the old byelaws there were transfer charges applicable even if the transfer was between family members.

But when a new co-operative society approaches the registrar it would have to compulsorily adopt the new byelaws. Under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Acta housing society is free to adopt cooperatjve own set of laws that governs its members. Penalties prescribed for various offenses and a consolidated penalty for all coooperative to be Rs. You May Also Like.

And hence in the new byelaws the same has been increased to Rs 4, Byelaws are district specific.

Apartment and Housing Society Laws, Bye-Laws

The auditor should be a panel auditor and maximum appointment for consecutive three years and maximum 20 audits excluding for societies with a paid capital of less than Rs. Cash on hand is maintained by the society for day to expenses such as plumber’s payments for instance. Education and Training fund of Rs. The Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Rules,made it mandatory for building owners and sociey to conduct half — yearly fire safety audits and submit the report to the fire department.

I f your co-operative society is old it may continue to follow old byelaws. Cash in Hand at the close of the sociiety limit increased from Rs.


But another flat in Pune or Thane was allowed. Under the old byelaws the maintenance charged varied among members. Transfer among family members: Service charges include salary of the office staff, liftmen, watchman, the property taxes, electricity charges, water charges, etc.

Under byelaw number 3 25 family members means the following group of persons: For instance, the cash on hand limit under the old byelaws was Rs Security bond for holding cash from the employee and officer and if paid up capital is less than 1.

Appointment of Auditors, their Remuneration, Rights and Responsibilities, removal etc. Byelaws are the rules that govern a co-operative society and its members and these undergo changes from time to time through amendments whenever the government feels the need for changes. Since then, the government has made it mandatory for co-operative societies in Maharashtra to adopt the new byelaws. So you can very well purchase a flat in the same society. It’s the society’s consent that matters.

For instance, let us say the monthly maintenance amount payable was Rs For instance, if you were the owner of a flat in Mumbai you could not own another flat in the same city.

Apartment and Housing Society Laws, Bye-Laws

And such communication in reality takes more than seven days or even a month since the committee needs to find out whether all dues such as electricity bills, housing loans if any among others have been paid. Copy of Bye laws, list of members to be kept open for inspection to the public free of charge. Under Byelaw number 62 of the new model byelaws all you need to do is make an application to the society saying that you intend to purchase another flat.

Also, in my opinion, there are many mistakes in it.

For encroachment of common areas by houwing to be charged at 5 times the monthly maintenance charges for the period of such encroachment. Filing of Annual Mandatory Returns with the Registrar. You were also needed to submit an affidavit saying that you do not hold any other flat in the same district.


Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Society Bye Laws

Additional responsibility to file FIR if misappropriation, etc is provided. Other Important bye law provisions auditor should know: Under the old byelaws in case you were to transfer your flat, a charge of 2. Now if the flat was given on leave and licence, the maintenance charge would be hiked to Rs 1, Elections of management committee must be notified six months in advance and to be held under the supervision of the newly constituted State Co-operative Election Authority SCEA.

Mandatory filing of Annual returns and auditors appointment should be insisted for. For more on personal finance, click here. NOC of society for transfer of flat or property is not required. That apart it also includes entrance fees for affiliation to the housing federation and any other co-operative institution, audit fees for internal, statutory and re-audit if any besides expenses incurred at meetings of the general body, the committee and the sub-committee retainer fees, legal charges, statutory enquiry fees among others.

Your email address will not be published. However, Rule 24 and Bye-law No. These are called byelaws and are limited to the Maharashtra state. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Ownership in the property individually or jointly with others is must and whose name does not stand first in the share certificate.

Over the years it was felt that the amount was not sufficient. Such changes under various headings become imminent and that is how the new model byelaws came into effect from July 2,