Understanding Chess Tactics has 55 ratings and 5 reviews. Timm said: Easy to read, will improve your chess skills immediately. I shouldn’t even say that. Page 1. Martin Weteschnik. Chess Tactics from Scratch. Understanding Chess Tactics. 2nd edition. QUALITY CHESS. Y. Page 2. { Of. Page 3. Chess Tactics. The first edition of this book, Understanding Chess Tactics, was hailed as a modern classic. But Weteschnik was not completely satisfied with the book and.

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This may be an exaggeration, but even marttin remaining 1 per cent still depends on tactics. With “Chess Tactics from Scratch”, Martin Weteschnik presents an in-depth look at each of the tactical classes and then proceeds to delve deeply into what makes them work, while at the same time showing the landmarks to recognize them in your own game – and it is brilliant!

Path to Chess Mastery: Book completed – Understanding Chess Tactics

Anonymous 29 June, David rated it it was amazing Dec 15, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is another chapter where I was skeptical at first of its value as a discrete concept, but was convinced by the end of it. Thank you for your interesting review. I’m not suggesting you abandon tactical studies but ches you don’t focus on them exclusively.

Heisman says that his students love it and think that it is teaching them a lot, but what they learn is not useful to them. I have since been through most of the examples several times. Then again, I doubt if you could go wrong with books by Polgar, Nunn or Lein either. I think your tactics are more than all right.

The only weakness I saw was that it could use a better and fuller description of the “removal of the guard” tactical theme, which is only covered briefly in Chapter 9 as a disruption in the line of communication between defending pieces. Bright Knight 29 February at So, I know what a pin is, a double attack, a skewer, etc.

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Actively looking to save or gain a tempo as part of your thinking process can easily win you the game and create additional tactical possibilities.

Thaddeus rated it really liked it Feb 06, He takes a practical approach to it and provides a number of examples of how examining what a piece is doing or cannot do can lead to finding tactics involving that piece.

Kenneth K Raymond rated it really liked it Feb 27, This book was recommended to me by another chess. Martin learned to play chess at the age of He understanving discovered that simply asking them to solve a huge number of puzzles did not fix the problem.


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I have the first edition of the Weteschnik book, and it is a very good book, but I doubt it has much of relevance for somebody with a tactics training rating ofwhich is in the stratosphere. Jan 31, 1.

First Normal Form 28 June, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. HTRYC is one of the best books about: The result is guaranteed: I’m no expert – in book-reviewing or in chess tactics – but a few hours of research on the Internet mostly looking Amazon.

There are plenty of books devoted to Tactics in the chess marketplace; however, most of these are collections of tactical puzzles. I have a Tactics trainer rating Okay the grading is skewiff but there was definite improvement. Lists with This Book.

Understanding Chess Tactics by Martin Weteschnik

Logic, in the same way as chess tactics, depends on collecting and processing information. The emphasis on dominating squares and how the different combinations of pieces can do this helped fill a gap in my understanding of mating attacks, particularly with patterns like the bishop and rook mate.

AoxomoxoA marin 29 February at The first edition of this book, Understanding Chess Tacticswas hailed as a modern classic. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. After spending time on countless tactics and learning how to spot the tactic in a puzzle but not being able to create wetechnik over the board Martin Weteschnik has struck gold in teaching you how to create and generate tactics on the board.


Note that Quality Chess has just published a second edition of this book, including many new problems. While knights of course feature prominently, all of the other pieces including the king are capable of conducting double attacks, an important point to cuess. Pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal. Can a king mate a king?

Understanding Chess Tactics

It’s more the cost per mote of dust ratio. This provided a short illustration of the fundamental characteristics of pieces – how they move, influence squares, and can be restricted by other pieces – and the need to understand them as the building blocks for tactics. It isn’t the same, but also gives an in-depth treatment of tactical ideas.

Mustafa rated it it was amazing Sep 04, Pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal. That said, if you do get the book, it’s definitely not going to be one of those that looks good but collects dust for the rest of your chess career.

Should be part of a player’s thinking when considering how queens, rooks and bishops are interacting. The title is ‘Chess Tactics from Scratch’, published by Quality Chess, and in a short space wweteschnik time this excellent volume has reached its second edition, enlarged and enriched. OK, I do not drop pieces, so perhaps it is a good book for me, but there are so many good books out there.

When Martin Weteschnik started working as a trainer in his local chess club, he quickly realized that even the stronger club players had great weaknesses in their tactical play.