31 Mar The Old Bailey heard a copy of the prohibited Mujahideen Poisons Handbook had been found by police, downloaded on Mr Piggin’s mobile. Full text of “Mujahideen Explosives Handbook”. See other formats. by abdel-aziz EJ-Preface This book is part of the Encyclopedia Jihad, collected and. The Mujahideen Explosives Manual gave detailed instructions on how to make an “earthquake bomb” and fuses from shoelaces. It also contained a recipe for.

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Make sure that the target place is in a solid shape so for there will be full chances of explosion of yandbook bomb. When we put small stones in it, it becomes more sensitive for impact. Timer starts when pressure cooker starts whistling.

If you can find Jehad. Your notebook must be clean and organised.

After dropping the liquid Nitro Benzine on the KC, you should not move, shake or stir the solution. A transparent colourless layer will be formed at the bottom of the beaker with a separate line and it handgook look very clear.

For Mujahideen, bomb-making information readily accessible online – Jamestown

It gave us explosion with a lot of smoke. It needs a detonator to explode it. No smoking, drinking or eating allowed. The bombmaking guide was….


How jihadists use Net to kill, maim, destroy

Sulphur is not sensitive to carbon so mix them first, before mixing sensitive substances such as Potassium Chlorate KCIO3. If reaction is fast, drop some drops of Alcohol in the beaker, it will slow the reaction. The solution was now a pure white colour and the texture was creamy like butter milk. Add the ml of water to the solution. For triggering from a distance. The PGP software is widely available on the Internet.

It can be used also as a primer cord although it is used in a detonator. Lilter the crystal and dry them in the shade. Send an e-mail to pgp-public-keys keys. No heat and flame during preparation. To make all type of mixture always calculate the molecular weight of substance.

For Mujahideen, bomb-making information readily accessible online

Flame will make it burn with a very bright light stronger than a camera flash. This is another powerful mixture. Also use PH paper to check the acidity. Already a subscriber or registered access user?

If you need a fast burning black powder use a very fine sieve. Same quantities as before.

We can also get Nitro Benzene from the chemist shop in the form of Mari Ban Oil, which is used to cure the children from the worms in the stomach. It can be exploded by a standard detonator i. The quantity used was only 40ml. Put mix on top of Lead Azide PbNg.


It also dissolves in olive oil. It consists of generally these substances. If fertiliser is humid then give a sand bath to the fertiliser.

Making a Napalm bomb If not, then use a sand bath, or leave it in the sun for a while. Capsule Timer -done Figure 7: After adding all the mixture of beaker 1 stir it very well for sometime and cool it down at room temperature. Method B produces Hexamine peroxide which should be used within 3 months.

Never allow the liquid to overflow above filter paper. Boil this water until to dry. Put 8 more pebbles on mix. After sealing the bomb, shake it little to mix the pebbles with the charge or mixture. The water floated at the top of the solution, and is used to protect us from the radiation given of by Mercury Hg.