Quantum Reality by Nick Herbert The Trial by Franz Kafka The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary Ulysses by James Joyce Physics As Metaphor by. This clearly explained layman’s introduction to quantum physics is an accessible excursion into metaphysics and the meaning of reality. Herbert. HERBERT: Well, quantum physics started out in the twenties to explain the interaction of light with atoms. It focused on that, but now it’s extended to explain the.

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To send Morse code it takes about ten bits a second. On computers, and looking at brains.

These are the ways in which the scientists understand how physics work. We burst out laughing, of course, at this message, and that seemed to be the only conscious thing to come across on the metaphase typewriter that day.

Trying to simulate brain functioning on the computer. As I recall, it goes something like, “If qauntum all so connected, why do I feel so all alone?

And the notion the mystics sometimes say, quantuj you and I, we’re not really separate individuals, but at a deeper level we’re like fingers; we’re all connected. There are the individual dice events that occur, and then there are the statistical patterns — like a lot of sevens will occur and not many twelves.

David Peat, were able to provide explanations which were easy to grasp at first blush, Herbert doesn’t wield quite the same facility with words. We tried everything we could think of to bring Houdini’s spirit into teality typewriter.


Quantum Reality by Nick Herbert |

The data rate associated with television, for instance, is six million bits a second. Physicists noted it, said this is very strange, and then they promptly forgot about it for about fifty years.

Given the strangeness of the quantum world, maybe all 8 interpretations are correct!

This determined value had no existence, or meaning, until a measurement created a tangible value out of a sea of possibilities. So my feeling is that people might be able to share awarenesses, whatever that is, but not data. The interpretations identified by Herbert are:. There is an actual realitybut it can only be in conjunction with a consciousness that can force a fact from probability through the act nuck observation.

Physicist David Kaiserwho has written about the Fundamental Fysiks Group to which Herbert belonged, claims that the book is used in undergraduate physics courses. All these interpretations are the work of the realiy physicists in quantum physics. If you think the purpose of consciousness is to control this.

Quantum Reality

Everything in the universe, yes, a comfortable sort of view. So the idea came to me, why not build a little machine that an entity, a discarnate, could inhabit? Reading this book led me to wonder how we might harness some of the hidden phenomena it describes, and thereby change our place in the universe. What’s more, Bell’s Theorem has subsequently been proven mathematically, meaning its uerbert no longer relies on the viability of Quantum Theory: In this sense, Herbert’s focus on Bell’s work as a linchpin is apropos, although he could have made his point more forcefully if he had used clearer language and organized his text in a less sprawling manner.


Quantum Reality

Oct 15, Monica rated it really liked it. Putting the many quantum principles in perspective, Quantum Reality takes the reader on a new journey of discovery. As a student of Tibetan Buddhism, I just find myself quuantum myse I was lent this book by a math friend who thought I would enjoy it.

Jan 19, keith koenigsberg rated it really liked it Shelves: It is really fascinating. You know, as a parapsychologist I find it fascinating that of the various academic disciplines that are interested in psychic phenomenathere seems to be the most interest from quantum physicists such as yourself. I read this niick many times and continue to pick it up almost daily for a page or two of pages marked of concepts that astound or elude me.

Quantum Reality is a popular science book by physicist Nick Herberta member the Realify Fysiks Group which was formed to explore the philosophical implications of quantum theory. Want to Read saving….

Nick Herbert (physicist)

Big things aren’t made of little things; they’re made of uerbert whose attributes aren’t there when you don’t look, but become there when you do look. The notion of instant connections almost implies that space itself is an illusion. However, the book repeatedly describe berbert theories which is highly unnecessary.

In other words, the control system is a very small part of the whole system. Or the Hindu concept of Mayasomething like that.