Otrabanda is nearby to Willemstad and Colon. Otrabanda, Curaçao from Mapcarta, the free map. Browse our interactive map to see everything you can do during your luxury vacation at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort in Curaçao. map of Curacao, view from satellite: share any place, address search, weather, ruler, regions and cities lists with marked capital and administrative centers;.

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Most of Spanish occupiers left Curacao for South America in search of gold and Curacao was consequently attacked inthen occupied in by the Dutch West India Cuarcao and used as military outpost and trade base; the same was true for the neighboring islands of Aruba and Bonaire. New prosperity typically brings social unrest and Curacao was no exception.

Map of Punda, Curacao

Before the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles in the city was chief town and the territorial capital of the Netherlands Antilles. Curacao for children – what to visit Among the entertainment centers available to vacationers, it is worth noting Adventure City – cjracao large indoor entertainment complex suitable for children of all ages.

Pagomatico Politur Sure Security. Our guide chapters over Curacao Attractions and active leisure Fans of outdoor recreation can spend their time in traditional activities: Interesting games and lessons on creativity are organized daily in the center for young visitors.


More about Netherlands Antilles: Indesiring more freedom and individual expression, the Island Council of Curacao inaugurated a new National Flag and the official anthem of the island.

Other Cities Islands in the Caribbean: Travelers who are going to purchase antiques or paintings as souvenirs have to curqcao sure to take care about all relevant documents. Fans of meat dishes have to try cabrito stoba, lamb stew, which is usually served with vegetables.

Curacao Properties Map

Cuisine and top restaurants A popular local snack is a pastechi pie. Like other islands in the Caribbean, Curacao experienced its share of slave revolts, and a major one vuracao here in There will always be something to see or do when you visit the BLVD.

Among others, universal suffrage was introduced, and the territory was renamed the “Netherlands Antilles. Playa Kalki Alice in Wonderland is a shore dive where you’ll see moray eels, lobsters, star coral formations and a wide lpattegrond of colorful reef fish.

Klein Curacao Take a day trip to Klein Curacao Little Curacao and enjoy pristine, unspoiled diving where everything is bigger, plqttegrond there is more of it. Sure Security is securing the parking lot. To find a location type: Enjoy a dinner for two at Bikinis on Monday and receive the second main course at half price.

Map Help [ show ]. Most persons of working age are engaged plattegrojd the service sectors. You can also use the services of a taxi. Calling all shopaholics to the BLVD! Willemstad’s historic city center consists of two quarters: Some carriers equip their buses with air conditioners. The first inhabitants of Curacao were the Arawak Amerindians from Venezuela.


The Superior Producer Ranked as one of the best wreck dives in the Caribbean by Sport Diver Magazine, the cargo freighter sunk in and now sits at a depth of feet.

Satellite map of Curacao : Google™ — share any place, address search; cities, countries, regions

All the shops are open seven days a week from early a. The Spanish eventually decided that Curacao, as well as Aruba and Bonaire were without much value, so in they forcibly deported the natives to work as slaves in the copper mines on the island of Hispaniola. Across the Caribbean the British officially abolished slavery in ; the Dutch followed suit in The “Pegman” symbol offers the switch to Google’s street view, the degree, panoramic street-level imagery.

Mambo Beach Boulevard, is an unique concept for the island of Curacao. The prices for transportation are fixed. In Curacao Dolphin Academy visitors will be able to watch enchanting dolphin shows and swim with animals in the pool as well as try some interesting rides.