2 Nov Dasavani Music Dir: Pt. Bhimsen Joshi. Bhagyada Lakshmi Baaramma – Sri Purandara Dasa: Lyrics · Kailaasavaasa Gowrisha Eesha – Sri. A rare & Wonderful composition of Sri Purandara Dasaru, “Purandara Dasara Gadya” English Kannada Sanskrit Dasara Padagalu Lyrics PDF in 5 Languages. Namaskara and greetings – Welcome to “Dasa Sahitya” webpage. for the meanings of Dasara Padagalu(Especially Purandara Dasaru and Kanaka Dasaru). I have listed more than songs of Purandara Dasa with lyrics in kannada.

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Yaare rangana yaare krishnana. I am searching for the lyrics of the Kanakadasa song: Its a nice video.

Rainsoft water softener manual pdf Created Date: Try this link for sloka for kids http: I just love this song but not able to get the cassette of CD also. Thanks for your patience. Great job keep going.

Sunday, October 14, Sri Venkatesha Parijatha: Mathamaathanga gamanam Kaarunyamruthapooritham Sarvavighnaharam devam Shaasthaaram pranmaamyaham — Swamiye Sharanam ayyappa.

Baktala banna paraku bagyada nidhiye. It is considered to be a pioneering work of its kind.

Can there be any doubt that the Prakasha light of Chandrika moonlight will dispel the darkness of ignorance of devotees. Look in the Lyrics page.


Index – Dasara padagalu Lyrics

Entu ninna mecchisuveno elo venkata. Is it not the greatest khanta bhooshana to them. Could you please publish on the portal?

This is priya from Hubli! Posted by Lakshman on October 21, at 4: It is according to the Song sung by P.

It will help me to do bhajans by understanding the meaning. Vithala ninna nambide enna kayo. Posted by Ram on January 3, at 2: Namo namaste narasimha deva. Posted by Lakshman on June 10, at 3: Posted by Hema on August 24, at 9: Earlier it was there in your website but now I am unable to find. Made use of it very much. Gives a very nice feeling. Yamana sasana kelo jiva.

Really appreciating your efforts. Dasa Dasara Maneya Vidyabhushana Narasimha yemba devaru nambidhantha nararigella varava koduvaru…………. Dayavittu idara kannada version post maadi.

Purandara dasaru compositions – Madhwa

Dear Madam, This is Harini and i stay in Mexico. Dasara pada by Vijaya Dasaru. Recently I read somewhere, reciting this, will help you to obtain your dream job.

Kandu kandu ni enna kai biduvare krushna. Posted by Lakshman on November 28, at 8: L S Prasad said: Valli, you may find the Nama Ramayana Kannada and other languages lyrics here on Prapatti http: Yes, I do want to add lyrics as much as possible, it takes a lot of time, and I am in a bit of time crunch right now.


Can you please publish the famous aarthi song Srinatha Govinda anandha mooruthige……. Posted by Phani Katakam on April 22, at 4: Tulasi devi suladhi by Purandara dasaru. Posted by Lakshman on October 27, at I will post it. Kanakadasana mele daye madalu vyasamuni. Our family is a great devotee of Rayaru. Nine Gathi Krishnaa enagae.


Ena bedali ninna balige bandu. Thanks for this site. Ambha srishti vinaasa paalanakari aarya visam sobhithaa Gaayathri pranvaatcharaamrudharasa: Kindly let me know how to get the malayalam version of alll these lyrkcs. In this shloka the poet refers Vaayu Jeevothama as a bee because the bee is not satisfied by drawing out nectar from one particular flower and goes on sucking honey from various flowers so also the Haribhaktas and Daasaaas are not exhausted by the nectarine delight of the names of the Lord and endlessly drink the elixir of various divine names.