SAE AS standardizes the requirements, practices and methods to reduce counterfeit parts entering the supply chain. It provides Requirements and. SAE Aerospace Council Organization Chart AS, Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance,. Detection . SAE AS and ASA Aerospace Standards. ASinfo provides the aerospace community with information and resources on the SAE Aerospace AS Standard – Counterfeit Electronic Parts;.

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This allows informed decisions to be made on the level of risk for any given component procurement requirement, and to weigh that risk against other alternatives. In addition, the AS standard provides clearly defined expectations that can be communicated to suppliers for their performance. Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.

NTI Fraudulent Counterfeit Electronic Parts Avoidance Policy SAE AS

The AS standard, however, provides a framework for risk assessment that pinpoints potential problem areas and ensures management has an understanding of what specific risks exist of receiving counterfeit components. Eae a reasoable bet that future government projects will also hold contractors to the AS standard as well.


The AS standard documents requirements, practices and methods related to: The standard is designed for adoption by aerospace and ass5553 manufacturers and contractors, providing uniform requirements, practices and methods to mitigate the risk of receiving and installing counterfeit electronic parts. Manufacturers can then focus their verification efforts on the additional requirements of the AS standard, such as ensuring appropriate inspection and testing processes are being consistently applied.

This burden is greatly reduced where suppliers are certified to the aerospace AS standard. View the Policy Directive here. An AS quality certification provides objective evidence of a distributors conformance to supplier management, split lot traceability and inventory control documentation.

The AS certified contractor or manufacturer must flow down the relevant requirements of the standard to all their sub-contractors and parts suppliers. AS certified companies provide their customers with the objective assurance that a disciplined quality management approach is being applied to all phases of their operation impacting az5553 ability to mitigate counterfeit parts risk.


ESCS grants limited rights to use any of the content contained on this site, excluding any commercial use or re-publishing in any format available to the general public.

Learn more about the AS standard here. The AS standard imposes an obligation on manufacturers to verify that all supplier operations are in conformance with the flow down requirements of the standard.

There is no process or standard of ws5553 that can absolutely prevent a company from receiving or installing a counterfeit part. If the risk is deemed excessive, the project team may accept a longer lead-time delivery or seek a re-design to utilize only franchise or original component manufacturer supplied parts.