PDF | On Jan 1, , Paolo Coluzzi and others published Spoken Here: Travels Among Threatened Languages. 2 Mar Spoken Here: travels among threatened languages, by Mark Abley. Much more than just a way of speaking. Tuesday 2 March 7 Feb Spoken Here: Travels Among Threatened Languages by Mark Abley Heinemann £, pp We are losing our languages. Today around.

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Experiences there might well have enriched the author’s perspectives and deepened the readers’ exposure to the challenges and opportunities of Africa’s extraordinary diversity. But a broader, subtler answer is this: Aug 07, Christopher rated it it was ok. That languages are disappearing and that’s bad? He lanuages new words to modernise the ancient language and to fit it for secular use.

Spoken Here: Travels Among Threatened Languages

The rest was just a lot of little less funny things that didn’t sit right with me, and the overwhelmingly Sapir-Whorfy take on why a diversity of languages has value.

Paperbackpages. Most activists feel that their language is a vital part of their identity that is worth saving. It’s definitely a bit spotty, and the chapter on Yiddish suffered from the author’s insistence on straying from his normal prose style to inject the chapter with Yiddish words and phrases that stood out as painful affectations on his part. Oct 05, Maureen rated it really liked it. And it reads well as a travelogue, from Australian to Wales.

Four stars because I am a total geek for all things language-related.

That’s why I read this bk. Aborigines planning land-claim have a stronger case if they can prove their connection to the land, often by linguistic associations; knowing the name of a waterhole can be crucial.

But the location of Lantuages — now the largest Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory — was selected by Father Richard Docherty, a missionary who founded the place in the s and christened it Port Keats. If it was, it would have made the book’s argument x better. In turn, the speakers’ perspective continues to influence the evolving language. Aug 12, Greg Fanoe rated it did not like it Shelves: Are the connotations that a languagess meaning carries consciously passed on?


Of particular interest to him are languages that structure sentences around verbs rather than nouns, as we are used to. Abley discusses with a Mohawk elder the meaning of the central concepts of Iroquois law: Pray too that God will burden the students’ hearts for Bible translation.

For anybody interested in finding out more about the diverse world of language, this is a good start.

Spoken Here: Travels Among Threatened Languages – Mark Abley – Google Books

This is where the book was interesting. Well, guess what, our language was spoken then too, but it was called Proto-Germanic and English is a natural continuation of it. On the whole, this is a mixed bag of a book: Yuchi is what linguists call an isolate: Or, to put it in perspective another way, I gave four stars to Steven Pinker’s latest language book – it would be criminal to pretend that this book comes anywhere near approaching the level of Pinker’s work.

It makes a language richer to broaden its base. I sometimes believed quotes were included because the author wanted to demonstrate just how hard he worked to put the book together. Many traditional languages have in common that they are more complicated in their grammar than modern ones.

Yet it offers hope for threatened languages based on a few languages that came back from the brink of extinction. While Abley discusses certain linguistic aspects of the selected languages in some detail, Spoken Here is primarily hre human interest story and quite removed from dry technical linguistics.

His primary interest are the individuals who attempt to save or rekindle their grand parents’ tongues. Not a bad book, just disappointing. In it, Abley mentions that the “latest edition of Ethnologuea directory of the world’s languages, lists as “nearly extinct.

Based in Dallas, Texas, SIL is among the largest employer of linguists in the field — linguists, that is, who actually study the world’s languages rather than engaging in arcane languaegs of the structural underpinnings of speech. I can imagine a plethora languagea giggle-potential.


Travels Among Threatened Languages Mariner books. Did Abley know this when he wrote that? Dec 18, David R. His focus is on anecdotes, local life, language politics, and history. In addition to reading literary works like Translations by Brian Friel and by George Orwell from a linguistic perspective, we worked on group research projects on various dying languages around the world.

He also looks at how people are trying to keep their language alive and tries to assess whether each lang This is a book for anyone fascinated by languages. Still, others are helpless in this regard and are overrun by the majority language or the universal language, English, the “Walmart” of communication.

Across Australia, many of the worst massacres of Aborigines took place after books and magazines had appeared calling them “a species.

This could have easily been put into an appendix, so that people could have had the choice to learn about the various languages and compare them. That idea is almost preposterous. What do we lose by having Welsh people who speak nothing but English? It is easy to read and full of knowledge about Manx native to the Isle of Mann and recently rescuedAustralian aboriginal languages, Yuchi with just 12 speakers left and all senior citizens and many other tongues, some famous and some almost forgotten.

To ask other readers questions about Spoken Hereplease sign up. As much as I like to travel, I’m not too keen on reading about other people traveling.