The Steps Method is a method to teach children to play chess. A large number. That is why the manual for Step 6 differs from the previous ones. The target. Step 1. In the first step all the rules of the chess game are introduced.

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It is wholly unsystematic and it throws young players into tournament play before they are ready for it. I think the Steps Method is the best chess training system publicly available.

Why we use the Dutch Learning System Chesslife. Positional instruction is limited to mobility and very basic static themes, and only the rudiments of pawn endings are studied.

Two kinds of puzzles are different: IV So what does the Steps Method look like in practice?

Learn chess with the Steps Method – step6

Stepping stones 1 2 nd edition 56 pages with drawings Stepping stones 2 3 rd edition 56 pages with drawings. For example, I recently defeated a player because I was able to use ideas gleaned from the Steps and win material. Solving exercises of this sort is difficult for those on Step 1.

I am surprised that the series is supposedly more tactics-laden, because she said the Step method is the only training she’s ever done, yet her play was strategic. Players need access to good trainers to help them go over their games, correct their mistakes, and guide them towards greater understanding.

The steps method is mostly tactics and some strategy too. The Netherlands is a country of approximately 17 million. The main thing is that the students are able to solve the exercises correctly. Each Step should take about one calendar year to complete.

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Learning how to mate is postponed as long as possible. It is far too early to know how things will turn out, but I notice that the terminology of the Steps is becoming part of his chess vocabulary. The sixth step consists of 14 lessons: Losses pile up, and they drop out, having gotten nothing out of the whole affair save a trophy or ribbon.

Two books — Stepping Stones 1covering roughly Lessonsand Stepping Stones 2covering Lessons — are also available.

They do not yet stapprnmethode a sufficiently good overview of what is happening on the board, i. That is true for the lessons “Winning material”, “Defending” defending is also dealt with in two other lessons and “Board vision”.

Its success speaks for itself. The workbook is adjusted to the changed purpose.

The Steps method

Why do so few scholastic players continue through the junior ranks? Such youth fail to progress beyond near-random shuffling of pieces because they never learn how to read positions. Tactics, of course, are not abandoned in this Step, and discussion of defense is included for the first time. The ‘first step’ consists of stappenmethode manual for the trainer and workbooks for the students: White to move The key to the Steps Method is the inculcation of a solving strategy.

The Chess Steps | Chess Book Reviews

Strategy is a subject which will be dealt with in depth. Always start by asking the important question: There is nothing wrong in criticizing or advocating, even if mistaken ,as long as you are sincere. Eh, I purchased the series. When you are solving the stappen,ethode, finding the solution is all very well, but thinking in the correct way is equally important.


The manual is a great support for the trainer, stappemmethode if he is an experienced one. You are commenting using your WordPress. Stap 6 There are not so many chess trainers for the higher steps and for sure not for step 6.

The workbooks “Stepping stones 1 and 2” are designed in the first place for children between the ages of six and nine. This site uses cookies. Giri is the only Dutch player in the top Polasek, Sachova skladba, Nobama77 7 min ago. Key elements of positions only come to mind once we see a good move associated with them.

The “Stappenmethode” Complete Chess Training System

VI I think the Steps Method is the best chess training system publicly available. Step 1 mix 1 st edition 64 pages with drawings. Mar 22, 6. The study of such exercises is particularly important for improving playing strength.

Van Wijgerden, who became a trainer for the Dutch chess federation in and later took over education at the Max Euwe Academyhas trained most of the leading Dutch players of our time. Step 6 extra 1 st edition pagina’s with drawings. See Manual for chess trainers. So why are the Dutch so much better at football than we are? Forums General Chess Discussion Milliern. Stappenmethoce means that there is no hint as to the theme of the exercise, with the result that they are more like a real game.

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