But E. H. Broadbent’s classic work, The Pilgrim Church, demonstrates that the true heart of this amazing drama is not even recorded in church history books. (Pdf Book) The Pilgrim Church by E.H. Broadbent Topic: Ebooks. Description: Edmund Hamer Broadbent (–) was a Christian missionary and author. 14 Mar Download The Pilgrim Church free in PDF & EPUB format. Download E. H. Broadbent’s The Pilgrim Church for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or.

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In cburch to the works mentioned below, and others also, advantage has been taken of the help so richly provided and placed within the reach of most by such works as the “Encyclopaedia Britannica” and Hastings’ “Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics”.

The Gospel had spread northward from Antioch in its earliest days. Very early in the history of the church, men had already complicated the simple message of the Gospel, claimed inappropriate power and authority, and lost sight of some of the most basic Bible truths.

From the time of Mani the churches of believers who called themselves Christians, thus distinguishing themselves from others whom they called “Romans”, had always been accused of being Manichaeans, though they declared that they were not and complained of the injustice of attributing to them doctrines they did not hold.

Silvester Horne, gives an interesting account of these churches. Thither Greeks and others were brought in, burdened with the sins and oppressions of heathendom, confused and unsatisfied by its philosophies, and, listening to the Law and the Prophets, came to know the one true God. Extensive extracts have been made from the “Memoir of the late Anthony Norris Groves, containing Extracts from his Letters and Journals” compiled by his widow, illustrating the important part the teaching and example of Groves played in the history of churches of the New Testament type.

Review of – The Pilgrim Church – by E. H. Broadbent | Brian Wagner –

All this work, in its origin and progress, though it had developed some features alien to New Testament teaching e.u.broadbent Apostolic example, was independent of Rome and different in important respects from the Roman Catholic system. It is a mark of the power of the revelation of Christ contained in the Scriptures, that even when Pagan idolatry and superstition had pilgim in gaining possession of the Catholic churches, there were to be found in them, then as now, great numbers of believers, whose hope of salvation was in Christ and whose lives were pious and godly.

Novatian himself was martyred later, but his sympathisers, whether called Cathars, Churfh, or by other names, continued to spread widely. The fact that the Catholic Church system later became the dominant one puts us in possession of a great body of its literature, while the literature of those who differed from it has been suppressed, and they are chiefly known to us by what may be gleaned from the writings directed against them.

Apostolic Churches in Asia Minor]. He did not, as one might have imagined, send to men any Each of these consists of those disciples of the Lord Jesus Churchh who, in the place where they live, gather together in His Name.


His happy relations with his wise and godly tje, Leonidas, his first teacher in the Scriptures, were strikingly shown when, on the imprisonment of his father because of the faith, Origen, then seventeen chudch old, tried to join him in prison, and was only hindered from doing so by a stratagem of his mother, who hid his clothes.

In later times those churches which, faithful to the Word of God, were persecuted by the dominant Church as heretics and sects, frequently refer in their writings to their entire dissent from the union of Church and State in the time of Constantine and of Sylvester, then bishop in Rome.

The word “elders” is the same as presbyters and the word “overseers” the same as bishopsand the whole passage shows that the two titles referred to the same men, and that there were several such in the one church. He took refuge for a time in Palestine, where his learning and his writings led bishops to listen e.h.broadgent scholars to his expositions of the Scripture.

Edmund Hamer Broadbent

As the churches increased, the first zeal flagged and conformity to the world and its ways increased also. Marcion] Perpetua and Felicitas, the touching record of whose martyrdom has preserved their memory, were still, though Montanists, members of the Catholic church at the time of their martyrdombut early in the third century the great leader in the African churches, the eminent writer Tertullian, attaching himself to the Montanists, separated from the Catholic body. He occupied the monks less exclusively with personal austerities and turned their activities into the performance of religious ceremonies and into the service of men, giving especial attention e.g.broadbent agriculture.

When Leonidas was put to death and his property confiscated, the young Origen was left the chief support of his mother and six younger brothers.

He had “formed in His mind a great and unspeakable conception, which He communicated to His Son alone. James, the Lord’s brother, said: His soul was exercised as he faced the great problems of evil in the world, of the difference between the revelation of God in the Old Testament and that contained in the New, of the opposition of wrath and judgement on the one hand to love and mercy on the other, and of Law to Gospel. As a young man he had taken part in the Council of Nicaea and afterwards became Bishop of Alexandria.

He freely uses the term “the Catholic Church” and sees no salvation outside of it, so that in his time the “Old Catholic Church” was already formed, that is, the Church which, before the time of Constantine, claimed the name “Catholic” and excluded all who did not conform to it. Perhaps the largest use has been made of the works of Dr. Lollards, Hussites, The United Brethren Instead of churches being founded in the different towns and countries, independent of any central organisation and having direct relations with the Lord, as in Apostolic days, all were drawn into one of the great organizations which had its centre in Rome or Constantinople or elsewhere.


Union of Church and State] of lasting importance because it exhibits the experiment on a large scale, of the union of Church and State. Jesus Christ cannot be made known to us better than He is in the four Gospels, nor can the consequences or doctrines, which flow from the facts of His death and resurrection be more truly taught than they are in the Epistles.

Some spiritual movements are referred to which, though they did not lead to the formation of churches on the New Testament pattern, nevertheless throw light on those which did result in the founding of such churches.

The pattern is so clearly delineated in the Scriptures as to have made it possible for churches of this character to spring up in fresh places and among believers who did not know that disciples before them had taken the same path, or that there were some in their own time in other parts of the world.

His position as Keeper of State Archives, giving access as it does to most important documents, has been used by him to investigate the histories of those known as “heretics”, and his publications are an invaluable contribution to the understanding of these much misunderstood people. American Scenes and Christian Slavery.

The public exhibitions, where the sight of e.h.broabdent kind of wickedness and cruelty amused the populace, deepened the degradation. Any error may be founded on parts of Scripture; the truth alone is based on the whole. Greek philosophy, seeking some theory of God, some explanation of nature and guide to conduct, laid hold of all religions and speculations, whether of Greece or Rome, of Africa or Asia, and one gnosis or “knowledge”, one system of philosophy after another arose, and became a subject of ardent discussion.

His outward view of the Church as an earthly organisation, naturally led him to seek outward, material means for preserving, and even compelling, visible unity.

There can be no doubt that in many districts, and at different times, such efforts were pilgim successful, and that priceless testimonies of saints and churches have been utterly wiped out, never to be known again until the Day of Judgment comes.

Thus the Roman Empire was overcome by the devotion [ Page The name Novatians was also given to them, though Novatian was not their founder, but one who, in his day, was a leader among them. InAugustine, with 40 Benedictine monks, sent by Pope Gregory I, landed in Kent and began the missionary work among the heathen in England which was to bear such abundant fruit.

A native of Numidia, he describes his early surroundings, thoughts, and impressions. They accepted in a general way the organisation that had developed in the Catholic churches and tried to remain in their communion; but while the Catholic bishops wished to include in the Church as many fhe as possible, the Montanists constantly pressed for definite evidences of Christianity in the lives of applicants for fellowship.