: The Siege of Krishnapur (New York Review Books Classics) ( ): J.G. Farrell, Pankaj Mishra: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. “The first sign of trouble at Krishnapur came with a mysterious distribution of chapatis, made of coarse flour and about. Excerpts from the novel The Siege of Krishnapur focus on a venomous debate between two doctors on the causes and treatment of cholera.

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What chance was there of this little community, riddled with prejudice and of limited intelligence, being able to discriminate between the strength of one argument and the strength of another?

There were times when I found it hard to go back to – there was never, for me, any drive to see krsihnapur happened next. This book totally fooled me – I thought it was written ages ago in times gone by, days of yore etc. Farrell’s style is long-winded and occasionally a bit too pedantic to allow me to give it that ever-elusive fifth star, but the stunningly complex characters that he weaves suege into an increasingly chaotic rabble all, at one point or another, manage to get you krishna;ur in their continued survival.

I more or less knew the definition of siege. Does he expect us to be convinced by his sege about the prevalence of cholera in the pits? Oh and there are three more natives who are mentioned more than once — all three serving the Company Bahadur faithfully during the siege, sharing its travails and just being true to their salt.

The Siege of Krishnapur

I liked the characters, especially Lucy and the dueling doctors, but krizhnapur wasn’t really much character development.

As before in the cellar, all eyes turned to McNab who, once again, happened to be leaning against a wall at the back. Global Resource for Healthcare Professionals. It was a supremely clever book, and I couldn’t wait to find more by the author.

But as the weeks turn into months with no relief in sight, the old standards crack in the face of flying musket balls and insects, dwindling supplies of food and dirty water, disease and death, Religious beliefs are questioned, valuable items of furniture have to be burned; old ideals are challenged.


By the end of the novel cholera, starvation and the sepoys have killed off most of the inhabitants, who are reduced to eating dogs, horses and finally beetles, their teeth much loosened by scurvy.

Yet despite this there is stubborn refusal to admit to the real reasons of the Rebellion. Predictably, some guy with a cleric problem has taken the honor. You know those books that you think you know even before od read them. Perhaps more than any of those novels lumped together and written depicting the attitudes of “Colonials”, the concepts of “us” and “them” and the “Old Boys” network, “The Siege” managed to wittily exaggerate the worst biases, ignorance and arrogance of a class which considered itself above every other on Earth.

The crumbling of ideals, ideas and opinions over the period of siege is illustrated through subtle ironies and symbolism. MedPulse News App Stay on top of breaking news in your specialty and across krihnapur.

See 2 questions about The Siege of Krishnapur…. Develop Your Own Curriculum.

The Indian army is in revolt because the krishnwpur bullets they were issued are greased in animal fat to allow for easier loading. As they always do, the British bear up and suffer along willingly.

I was trying to pretend that I was not, but my mischievous infant has unmasked me and the little charade is up.

The Siege Of Krishnapur by JG Farrell – imperial folly comes fatally undone

Contrarily, custom and ritual are grasped at, gleefully, as the situation goes south. Before his death, however, he did leave us with what is known as the Empire Trilogy, an epic work examining the British empire and of which The Siege of Krishnapur is the middle title.

From his alpaca coat he whipped a medicine bottle of colourless fluid, flourished it significantly at Dr McNab and drank it all off. That’s how Krishbapur and I were for those months it sat on my shelf before I got around to it. We have two egocentric doctors with conflicting views and styles who use the krishnapuf to establish oneupmanship over the other.


Not to mention of course that I also love history and reading historical fiction gives the best of both worlds: New York Review of Books. Jrishnapur and try again.

The writing style is similar to that of EM Forester though this was written in as late as s. May 26, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: But taken together they’re a wonder.

thd Farrell 1 8 Oct 30, There was subdued laughter at this sally. While skirts were still rustling and prayer-books being closed, he shouted: Why had he not thought more about such exhibits? Also amazing in that much of it is funny despite the subject matter with a purpose — hard to pull off, but he does.

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The Siege of Krishnapur by J.G. Farrell

Dr McNab had asked this question with a smile. Who is our Farrell?

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. This is whence all rating stars come. I consider myself lucky that I ended up reading this book after the other two siegd Farrell’s empire trilogy, Troubles and The Singapore Grip. Watching him juggle the horrifying and the hilarious for over pages is amazing. But what if there is nothing to left to defy? The Siege of Krishnapur, by J. Views Read Edit View history.

We have Harry, a young veteran, who steps up and Fleury, an artist at heart, who tries to step up.

Farrell this is one of the best historical novels I have had the pleasure to read. View all 5 comments. Your email address will not be published. Author Farrell shows us why the imperialist mindset was wrong from the start by way of so many actions and images. But the Collector could stand no more and, shaking himself free, made for the door with the Doctor in pursuit.