Download Sri Ramana’s Upadesa Saram by Rajiv Kapur. Rajivji’s translation and commentary offer clear understanding to the essential teachings of Sri. Upadesa Sarah (Upadesa Saram) – The Essence of the Spiritual Instruction The English translation is excerpted from the book “The Essence of the Spiritual. Upadesa Saram (Extracts of Advice) is a Short Poetry consisting of 30 Verses in freely available in Internet in English for Upadesa Saram.

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Sri Ramana’s Upadesa Saram – Translation and Commentary – Rajiv Kapur

New forum topics A familiar tale of the awakeness of present moment spaciousness. Site created by Lloyd Owen. That is true knowledge which transcends Both knowledge and ignorance, For in pure knowledge Is no object to be known. This is due to the benevolence of God. We simply act as Instrument of God Selfless. So, an interpretation of the sagam line could be: These interpretations widely vary from one writer to another.

There has never been any personal evidence of a time other than Now. All actions by saraam have definite consequences. It is immutable, birthless, making perfectly full, Consciousness-Happiness. For even in deep sleep Where we have no sense of ‘I’ We do not cease to be.

Fruits saarm karma is not based on actions alone, but is based duly on Timing, Nature, Intention, Reason etc, by God’s will. If we sharply look at all actions, we will easily find that ‘Nishkamya Karma’ is the easiest of all to perform.


Better than spells of meditation Is one continuous current, Steady as a stream, Or downward flow of oil. Better than hymns of praise Is repetition of the Name; Better low-voiced than loud, But best of all Is meditation in the mind. sagam

Instead of a Meditation being disturbed by Thoughts, it needs to be uninterupted like a stream of waterfalls or flow of a viscous ghee. Knowledge abandoned, ignorance abandoned, Consciousness is. That karma is inert. Of the three later ones are of superior nature than the preceding ones. All consequences resulting from karmas will happen only as per the will upadessa God. The impersonal does not supplant the personal.

Disinterested action Surrendered to the Lord Purifies the mind and points The way to moksha. Part of the Action We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet zaram.

Every action results in further entanglement to more and more actions. How can action be the Lord? There are numerous interpretations freely available in Internet in English for Upadesa Saram. God exist in any forms You can prefer to worship God The way you prefer. To know the Self is but to be the Self, For it is non-dual.


Upadesa Saram

Knowledge excluded, ignorance excluded, Consciousness is. Breath-regulation helps Absorption in the heart. Mind extinct, the mighty seer Returns to his own natural being And has no action to perform. Mind and prana are the connections of Consciousness and activity. The first line can be translated as: It is a purifier of the mind, useful earam Liberation.

Meditation is concentration of Mind. Mind and breath as thought and action Fork out like two branches. Worship, praise and meditation, Being work of body, speech and mind, Are steps for orderly uparesa.

The living being finds now, certainly, the Divine. This is the revelation of Truth.

This is also called Yoga Union with God. Every excursion has always been as a thought in the now.

Upadesa Saram, wih Sanskrit, transliteration and translation

Action carries seeds of chain reactions resulting in the drowning of us in the ocean of actions. Is there knowledge to know upaadesa From one thought, that reaches destruction. Mind seeks reassurance all the time.

How can the karma itself be a result giving God?