Understanding Chess Tactics has 55 ratings and 5 reviews. Timm said: Easy to read, will improve your chess skills immediately. I shouldn’t even say that. Page 1. Martin Weteschnik. Chess Tactics from Scratch. Understanding Chess Tactics. 2nd edition. QUALITY CHESS. Y. Page 2. { Of. Page 3. Chess Tactics. The first edition of this book, Understanding Chess Tactics, was hailed as a modern classic. But Weteschnik was not completely satisfied with the book and.

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The first edition of this book, Understanding Chess Tacticswas hailed as a modern classic. The “reloader” phenomenon is in fact key tacrics a number of sacrificial themes.

He writes, “the most dramatic increases in playing tacics, even for experienced tournament players, are achieved by the systematic acquisition of tactical knowledge.

Not sure whether any of those books might be too easy for you or not, but I hear that Nunn’s book is pretty challenging. I wonder if you would like to learn “How to reassess your chess” Its undoubtly one of the best chess books ever written.

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Feb 2, 5. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I’m looking forward to reading this again at some point in the future! When Martin Weteschnik started working as a trainer in his local chess club, he quickly realized that even the stronger club players had great weaknesses in their tactical play.



He studied the chess classics and went back to Europe to deepen his understanding of the royal game. If you are stronger, maybe you don’t need it as much, and there are a lot of other good tactical books, but it will be a good purchase nevertheless.

There are very few books that take the time to get beyond the “basics” when explaining or teaching tactics. Michael McGuertyChessCafe. Feb 12, No PayPal account needed. View cart My Account.

Do that and you’ll be a good chess player. A chess player must be able to recognize elementary patterns, therefore the tactics in this book will be primarily explained graphically Finally found this in my spam folder Temposchlucker 5 February at I am currently reading through the book a second time – up After spending time on countless tactics and learning how to spot the tactic in a puzzle but not being able to create it over the board Martin Weteschnik has struck gold in teaching you how to create and generate tactics on the board.

The examples provided show how recognizing the possibility of a mating pattern appearing on the board is the most important element; starting from there, even relatively complicated sacrificial sequences can be much easier to find. More importantly, what books did you read to get to in the first place?!!

This book has the 2nd edition under a different title: All the other tactics books in a similar vein seem a little too high level; this should be great.

I read a lot. I think that there is a Chesscafe and a Burgess puzzle book, but I don’t know anything about either book.

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Your writings about Weteschnik and this book made me nosy. AoxomoxoA wondering 28 February at Pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This book was recommended to me by another chess. One of his games is here: Becoming familiar with the pieces! Right now, I’m three weeks into the Chessimo tactics module, weteschnio my enthusiasm remains undiminished.

Understanding Chess Tactics by Martin Weteschnik

Graham Allison rated it really liked it Aug 29, From my perspective, this is a book which accomplishes its purpose, which is to instruct both the “what” and “how” to think about tactics – it goes much deeper than simply presenting an idea and then giving a bunch of related problems to solve. Rudi Grinberg rated it it was amazing Apr 13, Each chapter presents a key tactical concept, relying on plentiful diagrams to illustrate both the basic principles and more complex applications of the concept, with a large majority of examples taken from master games rather than being composed.

Jabari 12 June, Every page and every word reflects the passion and immense love of the author for the subject matter. unrerstanding