29 Dec Meta-Magick, the Book of Atem: Achieving New States of Consciousness Through NLP, Neuroscience, and Ritual Philip H. Farber Weiser. Meta-Magick is an emerging system of spiritual practice developed by author Philip H. Farber. Site offers a free podcast, e-book, print media, DVDs, and more. 30 Mar In , Weiser Books released a more recent effort, Meta-Magick: The Book of Atem, which is a rather different kind of thing. Two of the more.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. Phil Farber has a genius for transformative edu-tainment. That is, they enable us to recognize something as being conscious and able to communicate and they use parts of our own brain meta-agick represent these entities.

They cover the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Acts of the Heart: As such, this book should be taken not as a basic guide to consciousness and magic, or memetics, or entity creation, but in how these and other topics relate to Atem, and the overarching goals associated with him. The Book of Atem. I know there are at least a few people on lashtal. His writing captures the warmth and liveliness of his workshops because multisensory experiential processes are part of every page.

This supercharged fusion of tried and true magickal and psychological techniques moves beyond trauma, healing and recovery into self-fulfillment and self-transformation.

He defined mana as extraordinary power or pure energy of a universal nature chi, prana, psi, wakonda, etc. Rather than importing standardized healing images, you learn to create your own emergent metaphors, your own creative strengths and flexible freedom.


Your contribution here is greatly appreciated Phil. At the same time, the book is a comprehensive manual of evocation, containing dozens of easy-to-follow rituals and exercises for exploring and creating magical entities of every sort. In decades of magickal experimentation and hypnotherapy practice I have never seen such a concise digest of contemporary techniques for invoking desirable qualities and banishing negative ones from the attentional field.

The Book of Atem by Philip H.

To the extent you realize the Self it becomes a natural part of your conscious personality. Dragon Book of Essex and other Chumbley books. The Book of Attem Philip H. Viewing 8 meta-magjck – 1 through 8 of 8 total. Rather than importing standardized healing images, readers learn to create their own emergent metaphors, their own creative strengths and flexible freedom.

Farber quickly branches out in new directions — casting a visionary world picture as if it were a guide book, a description and instruction manual to a realm that is quite literally created in the process of its depiction and subsequent imagination. This contagious effect is the basis of initiation, which signals a new beginning on a path of bopk self-integration, concrete or actualized wisdom. Members Username Password Remember Me.

Farber combines traditional ritual sensibilities with contemporary concepts of neurolinguistics and memetics to create a unique entity – Atem.

The Religion of Tomorrow.

Fuller 9 hours, 19 minutes ago. These interrelated functions seem to perform the duty of modeling entities. As such, I developed a series of exercises and rituals that use modeling techniques, in part drawn from Aten, that isolate elements of magical practice from the symbol sets they usually accompany.


The Six Elements of Atem.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your WordPress. Emotional clearing frees your energy from internal conflict to flow creatively into new expressions.

Achieving New States of Consciousness Through Overall rating No ratings yet 0. The Law of Atraction.

In the first case, the Goetic demons do seem to fit the pattern, in the second, these are the things we take as deities. Awakening the New Masculine. These techniques resonate with anyone. How to build a successful life. The edge of chaos is the creative edge, the leading edge and Farber is there bringing us along with him.

Meta-Magick: The Book of Atem by Philip H. Farber

Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. This book is a mindblower. Farber is the author of FutureRitual: The more mana, the greater the influence. Unknown — maybe in the information. He immediately engages us in the present and we find ourselves already changing right now, already identifying with that which is greater than ourselves, our transpersonal potential.

See if you have enough points for this item. Time permitting, I hope to include some practical demonstrations metam-agick the concepts.