PSYCHIC WARRIOR, Inside the CIA’s Stargate Program: The True Story of a Soldier’s Espionage and Awakening. (St. Martin’s Press) by David A. Morehouse . He is author of the international best-seller Psychic Warrior which is available in 14 languages. His most recent book is Remote Viewing, the Complete. Psychic Warrior has ratings and 44 reviews. David Morehouse-A highly decorated, exemplary Army officer, special operations infantryman, and elite.

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Some of the packages contained tape-recordings peychic conversations he had held with Jim Marrsor Sandra Martin. He never really tells how he learned to remote view or very much of what he saw. Jim Schnabel is the author of the book Remote Viewers: Return to Book Page.

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Remote viewi I started reading Psychic Warrior when I found it on a bookcase in my house. And that night, the deed was done. His path to eventual personal and professional recovery begins at this point in his life. Sep 02, Brian Sanchez rated it really liked it. She was a good listener, too — kind and caring. Noble decent paid killer with perfect family life from a Doris Day movie gets bang on head and loses touch with perfect American Pie life.


The Army tries to kill him, drug him, kill his family.

The project trained military personnel as “remote viewers,” psychics who tried to spy on intelligence targets around the globe. When David Morehouse walked through the doors of the Stargate Program, he had little idea what awaited him: Definitely on of my favorite books! Psychic Spy has a little bit of everything for your reading enjoyment: He was not going to marry her.

This author is now teaching people how to remote view what he learned how to do after his accident in the military in workshops all over. A True Story by sci-fi author Whitley Strieber. He doesn’t really seem wacko or psycho, though. In particular, I look for aspects of a piece that will shed new light on the public’s understanding and appreciation of consciousness, life on Earth and elsewhere, the future, spirituality, and especially politics.

To me, the most obvious explanation is that Morehouse made it all up. He exasperated me with his style of writing, but later I realized he is not a writer as such and probably did not get some counsel as to how not to annoy your reader I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Why waste an opportunity to set the entire record straight, rather than glazing over the details?


Courtney Brown | Book Review of “Psychic Warrior” by David Morehouse

These guys were also all involved with these government projects. That girlfriend was Angela Connor. His superior officers sought his company.

Or, perhaps, even confirm everything you already know! He found a new agent, California-based Peter Donaldson.

There was nothing between us, ever. And I started crying.

A warroir minutes later, he just started laughing. Reminded me of the “biographical account” Communion: But then, Morehouse is perhaps not the best source on such matters. I would have liked the book better if he discussed how he learned how to do this. Then Ed Dames took a look at a typescript of the Jim Marrs book.

Psychic Warrior

In fact, he said, he had loved her for a while. Sep 12, Mary Ann Ghaffurian is currently reading it.

Martin’s Paperbacks first published