In this book, Steve Vai reveals his path to virtuoso enlightenment with two challenging guitar workouts one hour and one hour which include scale and. 20 Mar Steve Vai studied when he was young 10 or 15 hours at day, he divided Guys, there’s no ultra guitar wisdom in SV’s 10 hour workout; it just. 8 Feb Steve Vai 10 Hour Guitar Work Out. Discuss Why wouldn’t you just buy the Guitar World back issue with Vai’s revised 30 hour workout? Top.

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You can do it, but it doesn’t really stick after you pass a certain threshold. Otherwise you are just going to be an imitation of Stevie Vai minus any originality. You’re gonna overload your brain at some point.

Yeah, Steve workout is very good, but it’s very boring in my opinionI 1 listen an exercise and do my own variation often without learning the original exercise In this point GMC is a good tool Visit: If you’re really interested, read up on the relationship between sleep and memory development.

Aim for 10, hours total. I pluck at it while waiting for code to compile, stuff to deploy, during conference calls, etc. Repeat until you die. One hour ofexperimenting with unusual chords and gutar.

It’s totally a promotional gimmick. That discipline has definitely been a real asset on guitar, where I am tempted to mess around wodkout much. Got shit to do. It is a promotional thing for the magazine, who in turn promotes Steve’s music.

Sure He does 3 one hour chord studies. Overall I took away for guitar that there’s qorkout when I just expect myself to nail it and drive myself pretty hard until I do. They’re just compilations of basically everything you’d ever need to work on that coincidentally take about 10 or 30 hours to do completely.


Actually sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? However, he vsi it when I saw him on the Story of Light tour last year and he nailed it.


Let me acknowledge up front that my being casually snarky about people’s creative efforts is pretty childish not that Steve Vai would ever see or care about the random blathering of yet another anonymous turd hur reddit. I also think I could do a better job showing some respect for the guy’s abilities.

If you get pain dont massage, ice etc The biggest delusion is to look the watch an exercise you do an exercise until is perfect. I’m at a point workuot I get excited can’t stop thinking about it excited to get to my guitar and practice.

Coming from a conservatory background myself, when I first read the 10 hour workout, it just made sense. Do you think this sounds reasonable?

Jul 27 I’ve noticed a tendency for beginners, and I would have included myself in this, that if you are’t practicing Steve Vai like marathon sessions from day one, you’ll never be “good”. You aren’t a world-class professional guitar player, so you haven’t likely spent decades building up to the degree of strength and stamina he workoht Lmao OP, I have literally had the tab to those lessons open on my phones Internet browser for like, at least a week, telling myself every time I look at it “this is awesome, I should do this.

My opinion is that after a few hours you are going to have severely diminished returns for your effort. Want to add to the discussion?

You instantly discredit your own voice in this discussion by making such baseless claims. Aug 20 For instance, I could make up a scale that contains four notes and is spelle 1, 4, flat 5, 7. My dislike of Vai’s music is unrelated to him as a person. I have no idea why they make there issue’s so many months ahead. I have never seen this scale, but it may have a name already. If I had to name the genre, I’d call it “macho nerd wank.


I tried to do it today, but I just couldn’t discipline myself for 10 hours. Just because we have 10 fingers and decided to use a base ten decimal system does not mean that that number has anything to do with guitar practice. I think the golden rule with practicing is quality over quantity – remembering that practice is about getting outside your comfort zone and playing things that you suck at so you tuitar become better at it.

Nobody except a few people in the industry actually brings that stuff into their daily life. He houe hitting all the right notes but his timing was off just enough to where the riff didn’t groove when the drums kick in like it does in the WTWTA video.

A Foreword:

You said it very well: Failing to follow this guideline will result in a thread removal. I’m surprised people are surprised.

I just got my new issue of guitar world today and Steve and Joe are on the cover in return of the kings 20 years of shredding there hearts out.

Same goes for Olympic athletes or body builders it is there job to be good at sports and train to be that way. I echo quadbaser’s comments – 10 hours is quite frankly too long for most people to stay disciplined and practice something as complex as music.

I wasn’t aware of his interest in TM, because I honestly know very little about him beyond the recordings I’ve heard.

This workout is as much about training your mind as it is training your hands. Focus is a magical muscle to develop.