the basics of constructing a simple roadway project using Terramodel. We will detail your alignment conforms to this tutorial and you therefore achieve the. Training Guide, Basic Terramodel Concepts. It applies to version of the. Terramodel® software. The following limited warranties give you specific legal. This is the terramodel manual. by muhamadsadiq

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Specify a text bearing. If the specified vertical angle is entered as a vertical distance, it will simply be added to the elevation of the reference point to get the elevation of the selected points.

If you have only labels on index contours, and the tolerance is too large, some unlabelled contours will be assigned elevations.

Colour mapping file Specify a colour mapping files with extension. Process the pieces individually and join them only at the end when the amount of data is sufficiently reduced and the final pictures are created.

The terramkdel file must include the setout points and the corresponding picked-up points. In a subdivision, the area of the external boundary should equal the sum of the areas of all the other lots, including roads and reserves. You have options to include 2D blocks, and to delete the blocks. The thickness is determined by comparing the elevation of the surveyed point with the bottom DTM. The batter difference is the surveyed elevation minus design elevation in mm measured perpendicular to the design at depth.


Use the Name button to enter a block name of up to 15 characters, a description, and define it as an internal block or external block with. The two new sets cover the maximum horizontal extent of both boundaries, but with different layers and elevations.

INI, project variables, environmental variables or Windows registry entries. To copy some roadways, copy the whole roadjob then delete the roadways you don’t want. Create two datasets, one with the elevations above 0 m and the other with the elevations below. Plines, text and blocks tutogial the Xsect view that refer to other chainages or alignments are hidden in the XSect view.

An additional field may define layer names or be titorial in the name. The objects are created at distances, elevations and offsets, along a reference line selected from the Plan view, equal to their X, Y and Z coordinates in the Elevation view.


Apply or reapply tide corrections from a tide file to selected depth records within a time period. CSV or from common defaults. Stored callout styles define text in the label and may also define leader lines and text borders.

For later versions of CivilCAD, terrammodel. You can create both internal blocks which can only be used within a single project file and external blocks which can be referenced by any Terramodel project file. Text objects have an elevation of 0. Any other characters in the text, such as brackets, distances and new lines are left alone.


Tutorial: TERRA Model + Topography in Paraview — Earth Models

Create a closed set on the current layer joining at least three selected points clockwise from the southwest around a location at the mean of the coordinates. When the dimension is created in a view with a vertical exaggeration, the dimension text will appear distorted if the view exaggeration changes.

Adjust Lights Light from the side creates shadows and increases the spatial effect: Join the locations with a pline or join points at those locations with a set and radial sets to the centre point. Topography Almost every visualization of the Earth needs Topography or at least Coastlines. Add points into one or two sets, to achieve a minimum number of segments and connect with breaklines. Visualization in Paraview, Gocad etc.

The width of the columns vary to fit the longest text object in each column. In Terramodel prior to R10 is the best way to prepare a.

You have the following options: Report closest or perpendicular 3D distance between a set and a point or another set, and create the corresponding points and set.